What's Buy me chai?

Gratification Page for Creators

Buy me chai gives an opportunity to have a sponsor me page for creators that can be embedded in a website, put up in a bio of an Instagram account or just added to a Medium Blog. This helps their supporters gratify and support their art via sponsoring a cup of tea! Yes it's that simple.

It's an India first product and is built on the backbone of UPI payments and thus requires No Integration. Also, since we are creator-first this is absolutely Commission Free (quite literally) 🤘

Buy me chai is a Not for Profit Initiative to help creators get support for their creative projects!

How does it work?

1. Making your very own badge and creator page takes less than 10 seconds. Just Click Here and fill in the details. We literally ask for creator's name, the sponsorship amount and the UPI Id and you're set!

2. Use this badge or creator page link on any Website, Medium blog, Github, Insta account, Youtube bio etc or just share via WhatsApp. 🚀

3. Your supporters can click on your badge or creator page link and sponsor you via Paytm, GPay, PhonePe or any other UPI apps in no time! 👏

4. Share and feel blessed - It feel's awesome! 😇

How to use it on GitHub?

Once you have created your badge and creator page link you can directly use it in any repo.
For ex, replace the creator page link and use this:

[![Buy me chai](https://i.ibb.co/Xkdj83y/image-2.png)](https://getmechai.vercel.app/link.html?vpa=vaibhav210991@okaxis &nm=Vaibhav&amt=10)

Check it out on a repo here: https://github.com/vaibhavmagon/Kafka-Spark-Product-Recommendation

How to use it on Medium?

Once you have created your badge and creator page link you can directly on any blog.
For ex, a sample link (we have used a Bitly link) can be embedded like this:

Check it out on a blog here: Host a personal website under 10 steps!

How to get the Buy me chai logo?

Oh! The url is right here: https://i.ibb.co/Xkdj83y/image-2.png
(You can absolutely download it or copy it and use it anywhere)

Buy Us Chai? 😎

How to reach us?

If you have any questions about the terms, the practices of Buy me chai, or anything else please Mail Us!